The Ladies’ London Foursomes is a prestigious scratch event held in March and over the years some very well known names in ladies’ golf have won the trophy for their club.  Any club within a 45 mile radius of Charing Cross Station was eligible to play.  Since the setting up of the new committee, the radius has been increased to 55 miles (from 2013).

The first Foursomes was held in 1922 at Chislehurst Golf Club and won by West Hill Golf Club. Unfortunately, no written information can be found as to who started the competition, but looking at the clubs who won over the first few years, they had some very good golfers.  The names of Joyce Wethered of Worplesdon and Molly Gourley of Camberley Heath could have been instrumental in the setting up of the event.  The second World War caused the Ladies’ London Foursomes to be suspended for nine years – 1940 to 1949.  Since then only twice has play been abandoned, in 1968 and in 2013, both due to snow.

Eventually it came under the umbrella of the English Ladies’ Golf Association (ELGA) and was run by the South East Division of ELGA.  The South East consisted of ten counties and each county took it in turn to host the event.  In 2006 ELGA changed the structure of the association, becoming the English Women’s Golf Association (EWGA), the four divisions became six regions and the ten counties were dispersed into different regions.

In 2009 The Berkshire Golf Club was approached and asked to consider hosting the event.  The Secretary, Col. John Hunt was more than accommodating and offered both courses for the first day of match play.  We were then able to increase the entries to sixty four from fifty four.  We were also offered that golden opportunity of having the Friday for the first day, so that we could have a Sunday final.  This, we hoped would enable more business ladies, and even young mums, to take part.

A committee was set up to run the event, and it is hoped that the venue will remain at The Berkshire Golf Club for the foreseeable future.

Rosemary Wallis
Past Secretary of the South East Region
Chairman, Ladies’ London Foursomes Organising Committee


1922 Chislehurst WEST HILL Miss V M Crombie Oxhey

Mrs K Collis-Browne
WORPLESDON Miss J Wethered West Hill

Miss P Read
NORTH HANTS Miss D R Fowler Worplesdon

Miss P Lobbett
WORPLESDON Miss J Wethered Addington

Miss P Read
CAMBERLEY HEATH Miss M Gourlay Prince (Mitcham)

Mrs P Wilson
WORPLESDON Miss J Wethered North Hants

Mrs R L Kennedy

LADY GOLFERS’ Mrs P Garon Walton Heath

Mrs W Payne
NORTH HANTS Miss D R Fowler Ryl Mid Surrey

Miss P Lobbett
NORTH HANTS Miss D R Fowler Lady Golfera Club

Miss P Lobbett

LADY GOLFERS’CLUB Miss E Wilson Addington

Miss G E C Rudgard
LADY GOLFERS’CLUB Miss E Wilson Porters Park

Miss G E C Rudgard
THORNDON PARK Mrs P Garon Addington

Miss J Winn
LADY GOLFERS’ CLUB Miss E Wilson Thorndon Park

Miss D Pearson
CAMBERLEY HEATH Miss D Chambers Ryl Mid Surrey

Miss H Palmes
WENTWORTH Mrs Gage Addington

Miss D Fishwick
ADDINGTON Mrs J Beck West Hill

Mrs P Garon
WEST BYFLEET Mrs R T Peel Addington

Miss B Dix Perkin
RYL MID SURREY Mrs A Armstrong Roehampton

Miss P Barton


RYL MID SURREY Mrs R Sutherland Pilch Camberley

Mrs G Styles
WENTWORTH Mrs A Critchley Worplesdon

Mrs I Cowper
WENTWORTH Mrs A Critchley Moor Park

Mrs I Cowper
RYL MID SURREY Mrs R Sutherland Pilch The Berkshire

Miss J. Bisgood
WEST HILL Mrs Aitchison Lady Golfers Club

Mrs E Johnstone
BEACONSFIELD Mrs K Braddon The Berkshire

Mrs A Baucher
SUNNINGDALE Mrs A Keiller Beaconsfield

Mrs I Cowper
RYL MID SURREY Mrs R Sutherland Pilch Lady Golfers Club

Mrs J Roberts
LADY GOLFERS’ CLUB Miss E Price Ryl Mid Surrey

Miss A Ward
WENTWORTH Mrs A D Spearman Beaconsfield

Mrs C Abrahams
HANKLEY COMMON Miss E Price Wentworth

Miss E Paynter
1960 Denham HANKLEY COMMON Miss E Price West Byfleet

Miss E Paynter

1961 Worplesdon WEST SUSSEX Mrs Grant White Walton Heath

Mrs R Sutherland Pilch
1962 Addington WEST HILL Mrs M Barton Beaconsfield

Mrs C Barclay
1963 Wentworth WENTWORTH Mrs C Abrahams Hankley Common

Mrs J Beeson
1964 St Georges Hill THORPE HALL Mrs A Bonallack Wentworth

Miss E Collis
1965 Denham DENHAM Mrs M Braithwaite West Sussex

Mrs B Dutton
1966 Sunningdale BERKHAMSTED Mrs M Oliver Stoke Poges

Mrs Cunningham
1967 West Herts DENHAM Mrs E Braithwaite Sunningdale L.

Mrs Dutton
1968 Langley Park SNOWED OFF

1969 Ashford Manor DENHAM Mrs E Braithwaite Wentworth

Mrs J Uzielli
1970 Langley Park WALTON HEATH Mrs J Piper Langley Park

Mrs J Thornhill

1971 Berkhamsted THE BERKSHIRE Mrs D Dunne Berkhamstead

Miss H Clifford
1972 East Berks HANKLEY COMMON Mrs E Price Fisher Walton Heath

Miss A Rampton
1973 Orsett THORNDON PARK Mrs J Holmes Ryl Ashdown For

Mrs B Lewis
1974 Beaconsfield THE BERKSHIRE Miss H Clifford Denham

Mrs J Uzielli
1975 West Hill WEST BYFLEET Mrs D Henson The Berkshire

Miss C Price
1976 Hadley Wood WALTON HEATH Mrs M Nunn Gerrards Cross

Miss D Strickland
1977 Farnham GERRARDS CROSS Miss L Harrold East Berks

Mrs D Young
1978 Romford THORPE HALL Mrs A Bonallack Camberley Heath

Mrs S Barber
1979 Sandy Lodge RYL  ASHDOWN Mrs P Riddiford Walton Heath

Mrs J Tate
1980 Army G.C. TANDRIDGE Mrs S Birley Hendon

Mrs C Bailey

1981 West Sussex GUILDFORD LADIES Miss S Peters Wentworth

Miss L Davies
1982 Maidenhead SUNNINGDALE Mrs C Caldwell The Berkshire

Mrs J C Hobbs
1983 Chislehurst TANDRIDGE Mrs C Bailey Walton Heath

Mrs S Birley
1984 South Herts THORNDON PARK Mrs S Barber Harpenden

Miss S Moorcroft
1985 Hindhead HARPENDEN Mrs H Kaye Moor Park

Mrs A Pyke
1986 Rochford THORNDON PARK Mrs S Barber Rochford

Miss S Moorcroft
1987 Harewood Downs NEVILL Miss M J Cornelius Thorndon Park

Miss N Way
1988 Ealing HARPENDEN Mrs H Kaye Knebworth

Mrs J Walter
1989 Ryl Ashdown WALTON HEATH Mrs J Thornhill Stoke Poges

Miss D Walpole
1990 Reading STOKE POGES P Williamson Ryl Mid Surrey

Miss C Hourihane

1991 Army G.C. STOKE POGES Miss C Hourihane Worplesdon

P Williamson
1992 Rochester CHELMSFORD Mrs T Wilson Sundridge Park

Mrs J Johnson
1993 Hadley Wood KNEBWORTH Mrs J Oliver Chelmsford

Mrs S Allison
1994 Tandridge KNEBWORTH Mrs J Oliver Chelmsford

Mrs S Allison
1995 Chelmsford THE BERKSHIRE Mrs J Uzielli Wentworth

Mrs S Sanderson
1996 Stoke Poges THE BERKSHIRE Mrs J Uzielli Knebworth

Mrs S Sanderson
1997 Highgate THE BERKSHIRE Mrs S Sanderson Chelmsford

Mrs A Mackeson Sandbach
1998 The Berkshire THE BERKSHIRE Mrs S Sanderson St Georges Hill

Mrs A Mackeson Sandbach
1999 Moor Park THE BERKSHIRE Mrs S Sanderson Knebworth

Mrs C Bushell
2000 Blackmoor WORPLESDON Miss M Whiteley Ellesborough

Miss L McGowan

2001 Kings Hill PORTERS PARK Miss S Matthews Chelmsford

Miss H Emms
2002 Rochford PORTERS PARK Miss H Emms Stockbrook Manor

Miss H Skinner
2003 Tandridge CHELMSFORD Mrs T Wilson Moor Park

Miss F Smith
2004 West Sussex WORPLESDON Miss L McGowan Moor Park

Miss A Coffey
2005 The Berkshire CHELMSFORD Miss F Smith Worplesdon

Miss L Clark
2006 Grim’s Dyke COWDRAY PARK Miss H Ralph Brocket Hall

Miss D Cheasley
2007 Denham CHELMSFORD Mrs A Evans Beaconsfield

Miss N Race
2008 Camberley Heath CHELMSFORD Mrs T Wilson Guildford Ladies

Miss F Smith
2009 The Berkshire WORPLESDON Miss L McGowan Beaconsfield

Miss K Laud

 No longer under EWGA; new Organising Committee set up.

2010 The Berkshire WORPLESDON Miss L McGowan Bearwood Lakes

Katie Fewster
2011 The Berkshire THE BERKSHIRE Alex Peters Sundridge Park

Heidi Baek
2012 The Berkshire WENTWORTH Inci Mehmet Worpleston

Annabel Dimmock
2013 The Berkshire ABANDONED:SNOW

2014 The Berkshire CHELMSFORD Kelly Martin Guildford

Georgina Blackman
2015 The Berkshire WORPLESDON Katie Fewster Frilford Heath

Jo Stocks
2016 The Berkshire WORPLESDON Katie Fewster Sunningdale

Jo Stocks
2017 The Berkshire WORPLESDON Katie Fewster Royal Mid-Surrey

Jo Stocks
2018 The Berkshire THE BERKSHIRE Emma Newlove Stoke Park

Izzie Holmes
2019 The Berkshire ROEHAMPTON Jo Thesinger The Berkshire

Lauren Gooding

2020 Walton Heath CANCELLED: COVID

2021 Moore Park CANCELLED: COVID

2020 The Berkshire DENHAM Niamh O’Connor Wentworth

Gemma Bradbury